Uses of Aluminium

After produced in either ingot, panel or billet forms, aluminium can be used in many many areas in industry.

With extrusion technique, aluminium billets can be formed in virtually numberless different shapes. In order to do this, aluminium billet is heated up and passed through a special mould, which has a hole in middle, shaped according to the requirement. As aluminium billet passes through the mould, it exits from the other side shaped as the hole.

Aluminium BilletAluminium Billet[1].

Aluminium Profile Extrusion MouldAluminium Profile Extrusion Mould.

Aluminium is very easy to shape. It can be rolled any thickness between 60 cm to 2-6 mm and end product can be as thin as 0.5% of 1 mm. Despite of how thin it is, it still won't let light, smell or flavor in or out. This property makes aluminium a perfect material for packaging.

Aluminium Roll
Aluminium Roll

 Automobile rimAn automobile rim,
made of aluminium alloy.
Aluminium ingot can be used to produce wheel rims, engine blocks, cylindir pistons and many other areas in industry. It can be melted to be poured into any mould, or to change its alloy.



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